While sleeping we usually envision a non-stop sequence of images that might touch us psychologically and this motion picture that we view while we are sleeping deeply is referred to as DREAMS. We might see a number of dreams that may or may not be connected to our lives in anyways, but dreams do have some importance in our lives. You may cry, laugh, dance, make fun, enjoy, be upset or even quarrel in your dreams. You may see dreams that include animals, insects, birds, nature, water in form of oceans or seas, nudity, sexuality, spiritual etc. and enormous other things that you might have ever heard of. Dreams do have certain amount of importance in our lives, these are the communications of the dark. It is an illusion of night because while we are fast asleep our internal soul connects to the spiritual or holy kingdom. Anyways, our dreams generate a feeling or some sort of message that may be referring to the dreamer and due to this factor one particular dream might comprise a few interpretations in general. But then your dreams can assist you to a huge amount if they are interpreted accurately. Some dreams may be general like what you have been doing or wondering all through the day might be seen while you are sleeping or some may simply reflect your temperament, so these types of dreams are just casual dreams which do not have any significance or influence in your lives. These dreams often disturb your sleep as they are disconnected and messy. Some dreams come from your internal essence, these are carnal dreams. This reflects fear, anger, anxiety or sadness which may be because of your previous offences. There are other knids of dreams that are called prophetic or spiritual dreams and these have huge importance in your lives as they send us some sort of signals for your future. Spiritual dreams carry some message sent by God to guess your future and has a great impact in your life. We should know how to interpret our dreams exactly so as to know what our future holds for us. The following points may aid you to interpret your dreams perfectly: – You need to remember your dream and record it as soon as you wake up from your sleep. For this you should keep a paper and a pen ready with you. – Note down what you dreamt and your action after the dream, positive or negative. Underline the points that influenced you most. – Analyze whether it was a normal dream, carnal dream or spiritual dream, as only spiritual dreams really help you to understand your future. – Buy a trustworthy Dreamer’s dictionary and it is conveniently available on any of the bookstores, or you can even purchase it online. – You can even design your own dream dictionary by some signs that itself depicts the feature, like horse depicts liberty, speed and power etc. – Decide the main theme you dreamt about, suppose you dreamt about “Sailing in a rough sea” where your ship is about to submerge…this is the key theme of your dream. – A thorough explanation of your dream is, assume you are sailing in a rough sea and your vessel is about to submerge and you are prepared to die. You suddenly see the other side of the shore which is a beautiful garden with colorful flowers allover. Now this might be interpreted as you are facing a tough phase of life presently with a lot of difficulties and monetary crisis. You have almost lost all your hopes. But then there is a message from God, the beautiful garden that you see in your dreams is asking you not to loose hopes as your goodluck is just about to come. Seeing a beautiful garden full of flowers is an indication of success for your hardwork and sincerity. – While interpreting your dreams you should take care of both the sides of the coin, the positives and the negatives, as both are important for an accurate dream analysis. – If you feel contented and comfortable after you have dreamt, it means a good luck is about to glitter on you. A distress after a dream depicts misfortune that is about to come. – Finally you should interpret your dreams keenly and with great concentration as a little error may lead you to wrong interpretation. Thus, you need to interpret your dream with utmost cautiousness in order to know what actually your future may hold for you.

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