Did you cognize that just 20-25% of the world population speaks English? So, if your website and all your marketing material are in English exclusively, you could be losing away on as much as 75% of your prospective clients. In fact, the most wide verbalized language in the world is Mandarin Chinese, with more than two-fold the people (at 874,000,000) uttering this language than those who talk English (at 341,000,000). This fact solely highlights the ask to engage a full translation company.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Translation Company

A translation company should be able to convey your message and make an impact on your target audience. Here are some tips to choose the ideal service provider:

1. Native speakers: It is important that the translation company does not depend on a translation software. Well trained native speakers of a language are better for translation services, as they understand the nuances of the language and are in touch with cultural sensitivities. If a translation company uses the services of freelancers, it is possibly getting in touch with native speakers that translate only into their native languages. You can determine this from the section of the company’s website that offers employment.

2. Experienced staff: Find out the number of years of experience the company has. You may also contact the company and inquire about the credentials of their translators and even ask for resumes for sensitive projects.

3. Customer service: Some companies provide 24×7 customer service. You can assess the customer service you will get later on by the way your queries are handled in the initial stages. Moreover, find out whether you would be assigned a dedicated project manager. It is much more convenient to coordinate with one person who takes ownership for your satisfaction. Make sure that the translation agency has many satisfied customers under its belt before making your selection. Nowadays it is customary to find reviews of past customers on the website of many translation companies. Try to refrain from using a translation company that cannot provide a sizeable list of satisfied clients.

4. Comprehensive services: A translation company that is providing services in many different languages would be able to address your growing needs. This would prevent you from searching for another provider if later on you require translation into some other language.

5. Sample translation: Before committing to a translation company for a large and on-going translation project, ask them to provide a brief sample translation of a sample document. This will give you a fair idea of their service quality, responsiveness and willingness to earn your business.

Link Translations is an US based translation company with a 15 year track record and thousands of satisfied clients many of whom are repeat customers. Link Translations provides translation and interpretation services in all languages. To get a free translation or interpretation quote or to see “What Our Clients Say…” about the services we provide, visit www.Link-Translations.com.

Link Translations is a New York based translation company providing certified translation and interpretation services in all languages.

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