What is a translation portal?

Offering valuable information for translation buyers, a translation portal allows latent customers to shop around for the best accessible translators and translation companies. Moreover, a translation portal also provides the opportunity to have translators post their translation services and resumes online. The bottom line: a translation portal is an one-stop translation services marketplace that can be mutually advantageous to both translation buyers and translation providers

What are some of the translation portals accessible online?

The postdating list will render utilitarian information on the individual translation portals that are accessible at your disposal:

ProZ.com: Is a membership translation portal (nonrecreational membership fees utilize) that allows freelance translators and translation companies to network, share information and resources. As part of their membership organization, it allows translators to outsource and have translation work through their Job Posting System.


TranslationDirectory.com: Is a comprehensive translation portal that provides users to post translation jobs, contact translation agencies and provides a service so that users can browse a directory of accessible freelance translators. In addition, TranslationDirectory.com has many membership types that are loose.


TRADUGuide.com: Is a translation portal which essentially connects translation buyers to translation providers. The system is fairly easygoing: the translation buyer posts a translation job and will be reacted with price quotes from individual freelance translators and translation companies throughout the world. There is no money obligation until the buyer accepts a translator to do the job.


TranslationLeague.com: As one of the largest, most across-the-board and loose translation portals on the Internet, TranslationLeague.com is an altered, easy-to-use translation portal that allows translation buyers to browse through a directory of esteemed, tested translators and translation companies. As an incomparable advantage to buyers, TranslationLeaugue.com provides a system where a translation company or translator is graded and common comments are accessible for review. In Addition, TranslationLeague.com boasts a comprehensive, advisory article resource directory that cannot be happened anywhere else.


What’s the benefit of using a translation portal?


Whether you’re appearing to outsource your translation work or simply desire to post your translation services for the world to see, utilising a translation portal opens you up to millions of latent customers intercontinental within minutes

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