As Internet expands, the language translation market is expected to go on to mature at an impressive rate of 30% from the attendant value of to billion. The numbers of translator and interpreters are expected to increase 20% till 2014. We have some advises here to translators who care to work with translation agencies

Take the trial seriously


When translators utilize to a translation agency, it is average that the agency requests a trial test. The content of the trial test is usually picked out established on the translator’s background and it often requires specialised knowledge and skills. The quality of translations and background of translators are the main factors that agencies are concerned to cognize. However, whether the quality of work matches the translator’s rate is also acute. It is crucial that the translators are competent to judge their personal translation rate objectively. The quality of work and translator’s inquiring rate should not alter too much. There is no harm asking the agencies for information much as a benchmark for translation rates. If accomplishable, inquire the agency to render works executed by other translators who went through the trial test and their rate as a reference. There are many kinds of translation jobs that necessitate antithetic levels of skills. As abundant as your quality of work matches the rate, the agency will keep you in mind and inform you when there are any fit assignments

Build up your translation speed

When you start off as a translator, you may find the translation process takes time and painstaking. However, after your 10th translation of similar kind of documents, such as a contract agreement, you will happen yourself with more confidence and experience in translating documents of similar nature. The alkalic vocabularies and expressions utilized in a contract agreement are standardised. The crucial thing is to pay aware attention to every phrase during interpreting. Take additive effort to find out tied in words and expressions. After your 10th work, you will see improvement in your translation speed and accuracy.

Before you begin your translation, check if you are familiar with the content, estimate completion time and additional time for any unexpected incident that may occur during the time you are translating. Consider incidents much as the misplaced of internet connection, document unsaved callable to power failure, computer virus infection, etc. For example, append 3-4 hours of appenditional time to a translation that requires 10 hours work. This will purchase you some insurance in case of unexpected incidents. 

In some cases, the translation agency may request you to complete the translation in a short time frame due to the client’s urgent need. You should check up on with the agency the literal time that they necessitate the interpreted document and negociate an approbative time for delivery. All urgent documents must be managed with additive care. If there is any chance that you think you cannot complete the translation in the stipulated time frame, do not attempt to take up the job. Otherwise, you may not only set the agency in an air-tight spot, but also misplace the agency’s credit

Delivery format

Regardless of the source document format, it is important to know the exact format to deliver at completion. In addition, you necessitate to cognize beforehand if the hand overy format requires “Source Language” & “Target Language” collation or only the interpreted document without the source document. During interpreting, translators usually keep the source words in the same document as they interpret paragraph by paragraph. After proofreading, the source words are deleted, going forth behind the translated words. Clients usually necessitate the translated text only. Nevertheless, there are some clients who request source words to be gone forth in the document for their inner inspection

Perform Quality Control (QC)

Translators should never attempt to submit translations without checking. Translated documents should be reexamined at least 3 times before submission. To my knowledge, there is no translator who hits a home-run during his or her first attempt. Common mistakes made by translators are pretermiting sentence, erroneous numbers, improper choice of word(s), improper symbols, and typo errors. Microsoft Word has a spellchecker feature which underlines distrustful words in bloody and sentences in chromatic. Pay aware attention to these, as the word or sentence probably necessitate correction or revision. Even little mistakes can go forth sorry impression to the agency, which in turn can cause damages to bilateral trust. Appreciate every jobs rendered to you and take each of them seriously regardless of the job size. This is a crucial step to construct enthusiastic relationship with the translation agencies. Upon acknowledging translators’’ work and effort, the agency will supply more jobs to so-called chose and blue-chip translator

Blending with other translator’s work

Agencies may request you to translate a part of a document, which has formerly been translated by someone else. It is usually not easygoing to interpret and blend into someone else work. Nevertheless, if you do have an acceptable working relationship with the bespeaking agency, it may be best to do them a favor. Else, just simply pass up the job

Getting paid

Each agency has its own practice for the payment. Before you get jobs from a new agency, make sure you know their pay out date(s). It is generally bankable to request translation agency to pay within 5 days for the first assignment. For consequent jobs, you can postdate the accustomed practice of the agency. Payments can get untidy when the pay outs going advanced. Therefore, it is crucial that the agencies you work with pay on an opportune fashion. In this way, both parties’’ (agency and you) owed and receivable accounts are crystal unclouded and easygoing to account for. It is important that translators pull off their monthly account properly by themselves. In some cases, the figures with the translators may not be the same as the ones that the agency rendered. The reasons can be callable to the currency interchanging, bank remittance charges, bank’s administrative charge, or even agency buried to admit sure payment, etc. There are many financial templates (usually in stand out spreadsheet) accessible on the Internet. Modify it to suit the nature of your work


We hope the article this month can help to provide some good insights for those who aim to become a professional translator. Keep acceptable communication with agencies and work towards building a strong working relationship

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