Alfred Adler cared about the human tendency to pursue superiority, and the ego’s desires. He discovered that this tendency provokes an inferiority complex to the individual who sees himself in an inferior position, because the desires of his ego remain unfulfilled.

While for Sigmund Freud the person’s sexual instincts and immoral desires were always considered as the hidden reasons that would cause mental illnesses, for Alfred Adler these hidden reasons were always related to their ego’s permanent desire to prevail in their social environment, having a superior position, and being admired by everyone.

This means that when an individual is despised by their social environment, he starts developing an inferiority complex that relates everything that happens in his life to his feeling of inferiority, interpreting the intentions of the people around him, and all their actions, as if they were attacks against him.

The individual with the complex feels that everything is done on purpose, to make him feel inferior, supposing that everyone has always bad intentions.

On the other hand, he starts making absurd projects in order to attain the superiority he desires, pursuing a superior position with so much obsession that it becomes a mania. He cannot think or care about anything else.

This sick psychical condition provokes him many behavioral abnormalities, besides provoking many sad situations to his daily life, and many conflicts in his relationships.

Adler’s theories and psychotherapy are very interesting and helpful, but they seem to be incomplete when we compare them to Carl Jung’s analytical psychology.

Jung discovered the right method of dream interpretation, which exactly translates the meaning of dreams, respecting the unconscious logic, and I continued his research, discovering the meaning of many dream symbols, besides finding all the answers for the questions that he could not explain.

The best psychiatrist you can find when you feel you are losing your mind or you are depressed, is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams, without a doubt.

The accurate and instant translation of the dream messages will put you into contact with your wise natural doctor, and you’ll be able to better analyze your inferiority complex, or your obsessive tendency to have a superior social position.

I had to delay too much until I could simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation for you, translating thousands of dreams for many people during 19 years, but today you can have a global vision of your psychical content and your psychological problems reflected in your own dreams thanks to the accurate translation of all dream symbols, based on Jung’s discoveries, and on my own discoveries by following his method.

You’ll become a psychologist yourself, acquiring a third eye that can see everyone’s psychical content only by observing their behavior, besides being able to build the most confident and original personality of the history of mankind.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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