As we all know that Louis Vuitton is the representative of luxury and fashion. Dating backwards to 154 years ago, Louis Vuitton, still, started with rolling luggage. As of today, the word “travel” is withal the core value of this voguish eminent quality brand. Recently, Louis Vuitton relinquished an unexampled series of advertisements, interpreted by Keith Richards, a rolling stone guitar player, which displaying a journey of a single man for the pondering of his pursuit.
In the advertisement, with a guitar in his hand, Keith Richards sits on the hotel bed. On his beside Louis Vuitton rolling luggage places a cup of coffee and a book, opened. The overall is in subdued light for there is a dark headscarf printed with skeleton design on the lamp. On the bedside desk sits a little skeleton ornament.
This is not a scene in a MV of the rolling rock rather than in the new advertisement of Louis Vuitton. The vicissitude class of the guitar player KeithRichards happens to make the same view with the principal intention of this advertisement, which intends to exhibit the core value of travelling. Under the Ad writes a line of words that some travels are ineffective to explicate. New York. 3:00 pm. C adjusts Bruce.
What a beautiful advertisement. Louis Vuitton rolling luggage for men and Louis Vuitton rolling for women are the two themes of LV. You can select for you and your families.
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