The industry of translation is growing rapidly. The domain of international translation services is being highly influenced by the effects of globalization. The translation and interpretation services are one of those services which are much in demand currently. The reason for the craving of good and professional translation services has been augmented due to the following reasons:


1.            Development of international business and commerce.

2.            Effects of Globalization.

3.            Development in the tourism business.

4.            Student’s migration.

5.            Seeking foreign jobs.

6.            Moving around for medical treatment.

7.            Augmentation of online business.


There are few more reasons why the market of translation service is going so high nowadays. Some websites also offer free translation services to attract clients and it increases the success rate of this service automatically. Though they don’t give the full service at free of cost, still a good trick to pull clients is to offer free service initially.


The market of international translation services is so huge that becoming a professional translator is very tough. Having good command over two or three languages is not enough while entering into the zone of professional translation. One must have some specialized knowledge to become successful in this field. Suppose you know English and French very well and want to enter into the industry of English to French translation services; but it may not be enough qualification to do that. You may need to know a special subject; it may be law, medicine or finance or may be media study, but that special knowledge can give you a much paid job and high reputation in the industry of international translation services. Suppose you are in the Japanese translation services and along with these two languages you have a good knowledge on the legal system of Japan; that will definitely upgrade your position as a translator.


That is why the translation service providing companies are searching for translators who have a good knowledge on a specialized zone. Therefore, people with any specialized degree and an interest in translation job with good command over the respective languages are being welcomed in this industry.

Big business houses with internationally extended business line are hiring their own in house translators to get the most efficient service. And sometime they go for the outsourcing of this service from translation service provider companies. But if they need this service in a regular basis then they prefer to have their own internal team of professional business translators who can translate their everyday business letters, emails, press releases, annual or monthly sell reports, advertisements etc.

So the scope of performance is huge here. All you need to do as a translator is to know your specialty and select your zone of performance according to your expertise. The recent scenario of this field of translation and interpretation services clearly shows that this industry will be going too far and more and more talented people will be needed to supply the demand of this industry of translation service.

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How can I become a United Nations translator? Sabela Avion Martinez is a Spanish verbatim reporter at the United Nations. She completed her undergraduate work at Alfonso X El Sabio University and she has a Master’s in Translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. In this interview, she talks about her work as a professional translator and gives advice on how to get a job working at the UN.
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