In some of my past articles I have discoursed the principles for seeing dreams, given an example of dream interpretation, and written about why we should comprehend to our dreams. With dreams being both a significant means of God passing with us and because dream interpretation is mostly a rather m concept, I tangled it would be full to supply another example of God passing through dreams. Below is an example of dream interpretation affecting a co-worker of mine, a lady who used to redact my materials and move Bible school classes from me at my Christian university and online Bible college. She came to me with the following dream:

In the dream, she entered her house and smelt smoke. She travelled upstairs looking for the fire but she couldn’t find it. Then she looked below, but could not find it. She went into the kitchen and the smoke smell was stronger. She opened upper kitchen cabinets and could not find the fire. She opened the lower kitchen cabinets, flames leapt away, and she wakened.

At the time, we could not comprehend what the dream was stating. Two months later, she went to the doctors with an intestinal ailment which was diagnosed as inflammation of the intestines. It was a stress-related disease, and the doctor place her on medication which took care of the inflammation.

Do you glimpse that her dream was warning us of this forcible ailment two months before the doctor named it?

Her dream said, “In her house there was a fire.” Her house was the place that she lived – her body.

The fire was in the kitchen. The kitchen is the place we eat, and thus symbolized her digestive tract.

The fire was not in the upper cabinets, which would symbolize her upper digestive region, or her stomach.

It was in the lower kitchen cabinets, which would symbolize her reef digestive region – her intestines.

The dream said, “In your intestines, there is a fire,” two months before the doctor diagnosed it.

A year later the dream returned. She realized immediately that if she did not relax, the stress she was experiencing would bring another seeing to the doctor’s office. She did relax and was able to offset another attack. Awesome advise! Worth listening to, and worth acting upon. This is an example of a subjective dream which was talking about things taking posing within the individual. It was providing her with God’s counsel, instructing her of calamity to come if she did not mend her ways. WOW!

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