Question by Tayy Bayy Bayy: Any ideas for an Oral Interpretation speech?
I need a long poem, or short story, monologue or speech, that I can use for Oral Interpretation. If you have any ideas, let me know! Thanks!

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Answer by norcekri
One of my profs did some research on Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, and came up with a darker way to read the poem.It seems that Frost had just asked his lady’s father for permission to marry; her father turned him down flat, since a poet cannot provide a stable income for raising a family. The father was a well-to-do gentleman who owned some large tracts of cropland and forest — one of which is ostensibly the site of the poem.The rancor of the poem is the contrast between Frost’s angry resolve to make a living at writing, and her father’s life of leisure. The father lives in a lovely home in the village; Frost lives outside town in a cottage or cabin. The father has few obligations; Frost has “promises to keep — and MILES to go before *I* sleep” (the father can go to bed whenever he likes).Get the idea? It’s a spin that your teacher might not have heard. In any case, it’s almost certainly a sneering delivery that you didn’t get from anyone who read it to you in grade school.

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