Question by He loves me<3: Anyone know of a language translator that tells you how to state what you type or says it for you?
I need to know how to say a few things in Spanish, Italian, and French by 5:00 tonight, and i know how to get to translators but i have no idea how to say anything. So does anyone know of a translator that has a voice recording that says the stuff for you?Sorry if this question is confusing but i would really appreciate help!Thanks in advance.

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Answer by ilovestephanelambiel
This is actually a sort of complicated question.First of all, I’m sure you’ve heard that translators are not accurate. Even paid, experienced human translators have difficulty translating some things exactly, but they can get around problems in ways that programmed algorithms can’t. If it’s truly just a few things, if you post them onto here, people can tell you how to pronounce it – for example, “Tu as faim?” = To ah famThere are some online dictionaries that say words for you. There are some on, but you have to go to the language specific sites. For example, You can also search “audio dictionary” plus the language on google.

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