Question by Madadivad: Applying to the FCC for a commercial station as opposed to a noncommercial or translator station?
I live in Indiana, and I am interested in starting a broadcast relay station of a noncommercial station in Florida. Since the FCC is not accepting applications for noncommercial stations or FM translator stations, why couldn’t I just apply for a commercial station and broadcast the non-commercial programming? What are the differences among these applications?

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Answer by gearbox
A commercial station is one that makes money and in most cases is actually harder to get than a non commercial one. In most of the US east, there is no room to put another commercial station as they can only be licensed if they follow a lengthy set of regulations on where they are on the dial compared to others etc etc.Also you have auctions to follow to receive a license as many times you are competing against many other station owners to receive a license in the commercial broadcast band.The easiest way is to wait for the filing window to come about again for a translators which are a lot less regulated than the rest you mentioned explains all

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