Question by Zaevodnik: Approximately how much money would I make as an interpreter at the UN headquarters in NYC?
Being an interpreter for either German, Russian, Greek, or all three concurrently? And, if known, how possible would it be to even get one of these occupational positions?

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Answer by imisidro
Basic salary of UN nonrecreational staff employees much as interpreters range from approximately $ 30,000 (net of taxes) for an entry level (P-1) position to $ 90,000 for the top Director (D-2) position. translators, the pay depends on the type of translation you do note though that pay in the UN is standardised. If you are a textual translator executing translation of composed documents, you can get paid a salary of 15 to 25 cents per word. Those who are named synchronal interpreters such as Nicole Kidman’s character in the film The Interpreter, can have as much as $ 850 a day. These are people who take heed at the discussion and translates simultaneously

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