Human beings are faced with full and big things all their life. Change is the simply invariant thing in our lives. So, it is instinctive that we desire to gain enlightenment on the issues which we will face in our professional and personal lives. We stare for answers by getting our astrological charts anagrammatize. We search for solutions in our horoscopes by taking advantageous measures to pacify our governing planet.

There are many archetypes of horoscopes available, but the ones which are most followed are the twelve zodiac symbols and houses. There are followers of Sun centered or Earth centered forms of astrology and Sidereal zodiac system.

A majority of the astrologers today are of the view that the stars and planets work in coordination with the earthly occurrences, there is a perfect harmony between the earth and other celestial bodies. One’s destiny or the fortune lies with one. He can raise or diminish the effect of the planets. A horoscope is a birth chart which is readying by calculating the time and place of birth and the position planets and stars. The position of earth in relation to the sun and the other planets at the time of delivered is taken into being while doing the calculations. Each horoscope is unequalled and different and the planetary alignments are not repeated for 26 thousand years, this gap or period is referred to as the great sidereal year.

The time is never the same at various places on earth so the horoscope of every person born at the equivalent time is different. The cosmic rays of the celestial bodies thus influence every body in a different way. It depends on the relative positions of all the planetary bodies at the time of birth.

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