From manual perplexed process, technology catapulted time and attendance system into greater heights allowing unexampled innovations to participate the rooms for improvement. And as unexampled innovations emanate into the picture, the market is nowadays filled with time and attendance software packages that hook broad array of features.

Some software packages includes biometric devices that provide a more secure process, some involves the use of the internet for remote locations and some provides high-end mobility with the use of mobile collection device such as incorporate mobile phones or PDA’s. With all the features a time and attendance software tin offer, the common and prominent aspect would be the award interpretation.

Award interpretation is characterized as the caring of generating an accurate data based from the employees’ timesheet coupled with the business predefined rules that includes the employee’s pay rate, penalties, loadings, taxes and so on that are up in the internal award interpreter thus the name award interpretation.

After the necessary data are gathered and business rules are applied, the time and attendance will then generate an appropriate export file that can be imported into the payroll system. This is quite complex if done manually and accuracy can be a major issue especially if the company has more than 30 employees and the payroll should be generated within 2 weeks.

Time and attendance software is easygoing to use as long as it is properly implemented. Keep in mind that everytime we deal with software tools, we should expect that there are technicalities involve and the company should have canonical knowledge of some technical terms so that time and attendance issues will be addressed quickly and fairly.

The term protocol or algorithm refers a placed of rules which is used by computers to communicate with each other across a network. A network refers to the computers or terminals that are interconnected to each other such as the biometric device, the clock itself and the database. The database is where the data are stored such as the clocking events of the employees and finally the clocking events refer to the time in and time out of an employee.

These are just canonic technical terms, if you are familiar with these terms or if you have I.T. background it’s time to apply your knowledge but for those who are shaking their heads it’s time to stretch your mental muscles or talk with the software vendor and your I.T. staff along with the employees about all the components of a time and attendance software. Remember, communication is everything, choose a software vendor whom you can ask questions even after the clocked and attendance system has been implemented.

Although time and attendance software is programmed to do its job by itself, it is best that there should also be human intervention from time to time not only for technical purposes but judgment as well.

There are times that new version of the software will be available and upgrade is beneficial for the company, there are times that the company will change its business rules therefore actions should be taken immediately for award interpretation adjustments and there will be times that employees will request time adjustments because of miss punch or the biometric device could not read their tender fingers.

Time and attendance system has been useful to all types of business that’s why it’s easy for us to welcome what technology can offer to make it more helpful to our daily business needs. Award interpretation is now a “default” feature of a time and attendance software that’s why it is now generally accepted to consider time and attendance software as award interpretation software and vice versa.

From award interpretation to biometrics components to web applications the question now is; what’s next for time and attendance software?

The answers lie on the hands of software developers and all we tin do now is to anticipated that there’s more to come.

Ben Crowe has implemented proper time and attendance system to over 1,000 companies. He works as Business Consultant specializing in time and attendance and payroll systems and has outstanding knowledge on understanding on how time and attendance software works on certain business types.

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