Replacing electronegative interpretation with electropositive views will assist salve your marriage today. Sadly, electronegative interpretation is a mutual ailment for espoused couples who have fought with their marriages for recollective periods of time.

It’s not leisurely to change previous habits

Negative behaviors don’t spring up overnight. Instead they build over time and require a focused effort if you want to reverse their effects.

Negative interpretations occur when one spouse or both of you become convinced that the underlying motives of your partner are negative in nature. This is a potentially dangerous circumstance for any married couple who desires a long and healthy marital relationship.

Unfortunately, a spouse who has accumulated these kind of negative feelings is convinced that whatever is happening within their marriage is no good. Even simple comments are interpreted poorly by the spouse who harbors these negative tendencies.

Arguing and fighting often become the normal mode of communication for these couples. This results in their relationships rapidly disintegrating. Divorce can then become their only solution.

Hard to find means hard to fix

What makes this affliction troublesome is how hard it is to recognize. And as you might have guessed, what’s hard to recognize, is hard to fix. It’s also difficult because in many cases this negativity has become synonymous with the core fabric of the relationship.

The reason it is hard to spot is because it plays into our ain canonical human tendency to search out and accept information that agrees with what we desire to be true. This confirmation bias is a natural process for all of us even if it is based on false information.

Change is a retarding process

Identifying this problem is step one, but reversing it is a much more difficult task. Often when one partner is stuck in their negative mindset, the other responds with resentment and hostility.

If a spouse is certain about what the other thinks, they have already assigned inaccurate negative interpretations that don’t really exist. This is a dangerous circumstance that often leads marriages downhill quickly.

And after an extended period one or the other spouse may develop yet another dangerous behavior problem. They may begin to justify their own efforts to harm their spouse with words and actions. There are some cases where the afflicted spouse actual finds themselves looking for ways to find revenge against their partner.

If you can change your views, you can begin to save your marriage today

Negative interpretations are difficult to rearward. It requires hard work but it is possible to change how you view your spouse.

In simple term, we must replace the electronegative ideas with positive ones. You must look beyond the surface to find the true goodness that resides in your supplying.

Begin by making a note each time you see or hear of something positive about your spouse. It’s a lengthy process, but over clock you’ll find it’s a worthwhile effort.

Reform your views with positive aspects that your spouse brings to your relationship. It’s a powerful way to begin saving your marriage today.

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