Here below we have included a list of the top 5 online translation companies of 2010. Translation is always considered a pricey thing but with some of the providers shown below this is not the case. Our first company uses the internet as an advantage to cut costs:

1) Pronto Translation Services (UK)
Pronto Translation Services is the leading online translation company in the UK. They have provided online translation services for more then 5 years. They are a small agency which is mostly run from small offices. Their ethic is to cut costs by using the internet as a money saver when interacting with their customers. The company offers the most competitive prices I have ever seen in the translation market. I know many people who have used their services and are very happy with the results in translation. The company has more than 6,000 certified translators available to do their work, and only use mother tongue translators to ensure that quality is high.

2) Xerox Global Services
XRX global offers professional language services in all different domains. They don’t only provide translation services computer software and packages. This is poses a bit of a problem as it is usually better to find a provider who offers a more specific domain and so can provide more accurate specialised results.

3) Lingo24:
This is another online run translation company. A home started business by university graduate Christian Arno. The company works with many major businesses and provides translation in many different fields. Though they are an excellent company, their prices can be very high.

4) Verbatim Solutions:
Verbatim offers rush translations for those in need of an urgent translation. The company has provided translation solutions for many years and have 4,000 certified translators available. They offer expertise in many different areas such as IT, Business, Legal, Medical etc.

5) Applied Translation Services:
Applied Translation Services has been a provider of translating and interpreting for many years. The owner of the company appeared on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Unfortunately Gavin Wheeldon didn’t manage to get the investment he was looking for and had to leave the den empty handed.

All of these translation companies have been used by my company and I would suggest going with the company that offers the cheapest and best package for you. Try getting quotes from all of the above and see what who offers the most competitive prices. I wish you all the future success with translation.