How do you cognize if somebody likes you or not? Fortunately, the rules haven’t changed much since you were in eminent school. By learning how to discover body language and sign of attraction, you’ll be capable to ascertain whether someone likes you or not.

Body language and sign of attraction mouth louder than verbal cues. Sometimes, what a person does with his or her wrists (or eyes) gives a better indication of an attraction than flattery.

1) Wrists and palms

You can state whether a person is attracted to you or not but by looking at the wrists and palms. If they are exposed to you, then it is highly probable he or she has just feelings of attraction towards you.

If you’re in a conversation with somebody, you can easy observe (without being caught) to glimpse this sort of body language and sign of attraction.

2) Staring and smiling

Constant eye contact is an electrifying body language and sign of attraction. If this happens more than a few times and is usually accompanied by a smile, then you’re going to have a reason to smile back. If you notice that this person is always gazing at you, then the attraction is deeper than you think.

3) Leaning of the shoulders

Generally, a person who leans forward during a discussion is said to show interest in the subject. However, when you notice a person leaning his or her shoulders towards you, this could be a body language and sign of attraction.

If you don’t mind this in the slightest, don’t push that person away. If, however, you feel a bit uncomfortable, you can always take a step back.

It’s interesting how much populate tell you once you have learned to observe their body language and sign of attraction. This time, you’ll be more prepared for certain advances and perchance flush dare to pick the pace up a little.

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