Book recommendation: Toddler Interpreter ?Toddler Interpreter?,A Parent’s Guide to Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies and Toddlers.

Ian and Lisa share 20 years experience between them working with sign language, scientific research and children. Ian has worked in the Disability sector for 7 years teaching sign language to hearing children and adults who suffer severely from Autism Spectrum Disorders and Downs Syndrome. He first became interested in using baby sign language with children without disability when he became a father. After much research it became apparent that there were very few resources available to teach hearing children to communicate with sign language. He felt that there was a simpler way to bridge the temporary communication gap between parents and children in the first few years using baby signs that were age appropriate and based on natural gestures.

Lisa is a research scientist of 13 years experience and has worked with children with behavioral difficulties for 6 years. As a mother of two, she became interested in the use of baby sign language as she looked for ways to become a better parent. Her son suffered the tantrums and frustrations of the terrible twos until she was able to introduce baby sign language into their home. She has spent a great deal of time since researching baby sign language in order to avoid the same frustrations with their second child. She hopes that these baby sign language resources provide parents with a new and fun way to interact understand and communicate with your baby and toddlers.

Baby Sign Language is the most wonderful gift that you can give to your baby, let them know from an early age that they are understood and loved.

Baby’s have the ability to interpret and understand what you are saying long before their vocal chords are developed enough to form words. Toddler Interpreter Baby Sign Language has been uniquely designed into five easy stages of learning. The most relevant baby signs are taught first making it easier to learn. It involves the use of speech while concurrently signing with your baby, using a vocabulary of keyword baby signs and gestures.

There are many proving benefits of using Baby Sign Language:
     • Baby Sign Language reduces frustration for you and your baby by bridging the communication gap in the pre-verbal years
     • Baby Sign Language stimulates brain activity and speech development, resulting in higher IQ.
     • Baby Sign Language helps to accelerate the speech process, providing a strong foundation for early literacy.

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