After more than two months preparation and shooting, Busen late fashion television commercials and print big coming debut, has finished pipping and post-production, is making the terminal adjustments, is expected to step in former May of 2010 Winter Forest Products ordering General and Busen Busen family and the cosmopolitan consumers.
  The latest step Mori Fashion Television commercials and print large in order to “break through, boundless life” as the theme, brand ambassador by Busen portrait film star Huang Xiaoming’s interpretation of the performance of the Busen Men’s fashion, dynamic, refined full-dress but without losing energy concept, while using illuminating and shadow, angle, shear means shooting and post production convey Busen-D is not self-limited environment and break through the cocoon, to the will of a broader strategy for the future. Film, the film image and step Sen Huang Xiaoming new completing fashion, nearly perfect interpretation of the new season Busen product design ideas and style products.
In recent years, Busen through product upgrades and terminal recycling, have initially completed the company’s strategic transformation. In the product areas, while continuing to improve product design and development business and leisure and manufacturing, Busen Men Tongling production base has been put into operation, the base will mainly produce casual apparel business, which will Busen the quality of business casual series of clothing further enhanced and greatly shorten the lead time new listing; the other hand, continue to add popular in product design elements to enhance the product’s fashion degree. Based on market research, officially launched in March this year, positioning is more young and trendy “Ming” series, the series mainly to represent the image of the new spokesmen for Mr. Huang Xiaoming designed successful man, respected fashion, sunshine, vitality way of life. Product line extensions and product style series, to step Sen brand, consumers have more choices for 25-35 year age phase of the new definition of successful men to provide a landmark symbol of self.
Brand besides dawdle the “fashion up” the marketing strategy head, with “breakthrough, life limitless” theme, furthering the brand building, to brand more fashion features, range Busen grade brand and image, to go Men’s No. 1 brand in China breakthrough.

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