The ask for business translation services is sometimes taken too light by people and organizations. However, translation is a significant subject that should be seen in a reasonable manner to sidestep big results. Before starting a project that involves interpreting documents or materials, move into consideration the following misconceptions regarding translation.

Some people believe that as long as they know a foreign language, they could be a translator. This is not the case. This is probably the most common translation misconception and the most damaging one. Being able to speak, read and write in a foreign language does not give anyone a certification to perform good translation work. A translator needs to have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of at least two languages: a foreign language and a mother tongue, but translation is not just know-how, it is a honed skill. You must be able to write well and have an excellent command of the distinction in language use. Language is influenced largely by cultural differences. If the culture behind the language which is being translated is not known and appreciated, an accurate translation is extremely difficult and ideas can be misconstrued very easily.

People also view translation as an easy task. It’s far from easy. It is selfsame complex and involved and takes identical hard work to get the cheated done in a professional manner. Having to simultaneously concentrate on II different languages, whether written or verbalized, is mentally taxing. This is because a translator is continuously moving between the two. A translator must first read and understand source information, then manage to interpret it and present it accurately in the target language to the target audience. This means having an excellent vocabulary and appreciating the language, phrases, metaphors, tone and intention. You could only expect a translator from a reputable business translation service to be knowledgeable in all of these areas.

One can think that we now have the means to utilize computers to do our translating, so why is there a need to pay for professional business translation services? Wow. This would be a terrible mistake and could possibly cost you a client or an important relationship. No translation program will ever be able to take the place of a human translator, especially a qualified one from a good business translation service agency. This is because computers do not understand the inner workings of language and the ever-changing uses. Computers may be able to translate simple sentences but they will never be able to cover the complexities within literature, technical or even medical texts.

Some people and organizations also believe that it is not critical to have a professional translator from a reputable business translation service agency do the job. This is also a misconception and could be very costly. Professional translators may not always be necessary, but if your translation is complex and needs to be fixed and presented perfectly to impress a client, then such an experienced translator is crucial. Bad translations lead to many problems, including people misunderstanding texts which ultimately reflect poorly on a company or organization.

So, think twice before you decide to utilize the computer to translate for you, or an employee who knows another language. Those are important choices in which business relationships rely upon. You want to make a good first impression, especially if it’s a new client and more often than not using a competent business translation service agency will pay off by preventing costly misunderstandings or losses and forwarding an excellent image of your company.

Armando Riquier as a freelance writer and expert translator collaborates with Tectrad, a company specialized in business translation services for finance and legal matters but also in websites’ translation and localization.

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