The need to make teleconferencing a success especially if it is between people speaking different languages brings about the need for a third party who understands the clients’ foreign languages to act as a call interpreter.


SOS tTalk ensures that this is no more a problem by providing you with qualified telephone interpreting persons who ensure that whichever message you want to pass is well conveyed.


SOS tTalk ensures that we stay at the top of international telephone interpreting system service providers by providing easy to follow steps for the access of many of our multi skilled call interpreters to help you out in overcoming language barriers you may be facing.

SOS tTalk call interpreter


Besides the normal calls you make to use our telephone interpreting services, we have an online service that supplies you with the identification of the call interpreter who serves our client and details can always be preserved by our esteemed clients to be used by them should they need attention or service from a specific call interpreter in our team.

Our efficiency

For efficiency in our telephone interpreting services, we have an automated means of helping you to get the person you want to communicate with, to disclose their language, to enable us to get you an appropriate call interpreter, to do the telephone interpreting for the both of you.


Any call interpreter that you get from our team would be absolutely skilled in the area you want telephone interpreting help, be it medical, business, educational, government insurance, legal or any professional proficiency.


Any SOS talk Talk call interpreter has inter-client relationship skills to ensure them to get the information intended to be passed for sufficient analysis, interpretation and relay to the third party without alteration of meaning, because we believe that our clients interests should always be at the top of any other thing.

Our costs


Our prices are absolutely great and any costs charged for your telephone interpreting or call interpreting needs will most definitely be worth it. We offer you with the best telephone interpreting services from qualified call interpreters at the lowest cost world wide and no hidden costs.

Working hours and days


We are always at your disposal for any call interpreting or phone interpreting needs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week regardless of your time difference and distance from us.

Our staff


Our staff ensures that all you have to say is heard through efficient call interpreting or telephone interpreting. We ensure that your message is passed in real time in its original entirety and character preservation always ensuring no infringement to any of our clients’ perspectives.


SOS tTalk telephone interpreting staffs and all their call interpreters come from different cultural backgrounds and most of them are bilinguals so as to be able to attend to the telephone interpreting needs of the global clientele without any prospective client being locked out as a result of either language or cultural barrier.


The hustle of getting a reputable call interpreter can at times eat so much into a person’s business hours and even lead to some lost chances in cases where there is a language barrier. The services of a telephone interpreting company cannot be underrated in this situation.

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