This really paves way for better role of translation services in the foreign market. Japan has played a crucial role in changing the world market through its prolonged success in the blue-collar sector, particularly the electronic goods industry with the support of translation agencies

Japan occupies the 9th position in the world with Japanese as the talked language having 127 million speakers all over the world. The Chinese and Korean people also use this as a second language that was under the Japanese occupation. The vocabulary of Japanese language has influence of Chinese language since more words are taken over from that language. Also Japanese language borrowed a lot of words from Indo-European languages, mainly English. All translation company should be alive that the Japanese language has three categories of words, the autochthonal Japanese words that are borrowed from China and Western language much as English. However the native Japanese language, account for more than 50% of the total words utilized in Japan, postdated by 40% of Chinese borrowed words and 10% from English

Japanese translation is very complex and a variety of factors are needed to be taken care of while translation into Japan. There are 12 Japanese dialects and differ in many ways. Moreover, there are two forms of spoken Japanese; standard Japanese and common language. Hence the translator have to take utmost care while executing the work by taking into account all these points to hand over an error-less document

In this modern electronic world, Japan occupies an unbeatable position among the industrialized countries in the world today. Japan’s growth in electronic industry is very fast and because of this, the other countries count on Japan to an enthusiastic extent for the commercial cognize how and scientific transfer. The translators of the translation services play an important role in the foreign market. This process inevitably calls for communication with Japan in their language. Corporate officials of individual countries have ad hominem inter actions with their counterparts in Japan for the finalization of trade negotiations and meetings. So it is very substantive that the client countries are obliged to larn the usage of Japanese language. Hence it is very essential for the client countries to know Japanese language in order to insure sustainability of their business in Japan

Japan offers abundant opportunity for business and those companies which have their business language as Japan can easily enter the electronic industry in Japan with the help of translators. Japan has the highest concentration of electronic companies bringing forth largest consumer electronics when likened to other countries in the world. The prolonged development in electronic industry id callable to the eminent quality and innovations introduced in their products and today Japan has virtually over housed the electronic industry in the world