Question by lee_lee07770: Can JavaScript be used to program a human language translator?
I’m trying to think up ideas for projects. I was wondering if JavaScript could be used to create a human language translator? For example: If I were to type Hello and click a button to have it converted to spanish…the program would output: Hola.Is this possible with this language? I’m not looking to do it in a different language. If it is possible, any suggestions,links, etc…that would help get me started?

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Answer by Frecklefoot
I’m not a JS expert, but I am a programming expert. With my limited experience with JavaScript, I think it would be a poor choice for a human language translator (HLT), because all the JS code has to be downloaded to the client computer. A HLT would have thousands of words, and that just wouldn’t be feasible for about browsers. Even if the receiving computer had enough memory, it would take too hanker to have. To build a HLT, you could use JS in conjunction with something else (a server-side language). But since you’re not interested in that, I won’t elaborate. HTH

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