Question by Dennis M: Can someone explain the difference between interpreting and interpretation in simple terms?
This is what Wikipedia says about language interpreting:

In professional practice interpreting denotes the act of facilitating communication from one language form into its equivalent, or approximate equivalent, in another language form. Interpretation denotes the actual product of this work, that is, the message as thus rendered into speech, sign language, writing, non-manual signals, or other language form. This important distinction is observed to avoid confusion.

I think I understand the notion of interpreting but sort of confused about interpretation.
Thanks Woodbutcher, no, I knwo and understand the notion of ‘interpretation’ in general but not too sure when it comes to ‘the actual product of language interpreting’.

Best answer:

Answer by Woodbutcher
If you have a dream of endlessly running, one person might interpret the dream to mean you are running from something, another that you are running to something. Each one has their own interpretation of your dream.

Here’s another example. In Freemasonry, the letter ‘G’ can symbolize God or geometry. The interpretation depends on the context of the symbol’s use.

Hope this is helpful.

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