Everybody is good cognisant of the existence of dreams. Dreams are mostly stated to be the reflection of what is passing in our mind or rather what is worrisome our mind. Sometimes we glimpse big things happing in our dreams which have yet not happened and sometimes the things that do us felicitous. Also sometimes we too bury what we have seen in our dreams while other times we are not capable to construe what they are attempting to impart to us.

The dreams are full of images of things, persons that we see and meet in day to day life. They are always saying something, the things that our subconscious mind is trying to say. Using the tarot reading we are actually uncovering the what is going on in our sleeping state of mind .It can trigger old memories which are deep buried in our subconscious mind long time ago and also the images and people which sometimes we think we have seen or met somewhere, sometime. Lot of people visit tarot readers just for the purpose of interpretation of their dreams. These tarot cards can be very helpful in deciphering the meaning of the dreams. This is due to the reason dreams show symbols and images present in our subconscious mind. Also when we visit the tarot card reader he asks us to shuffle the cards, choose two or three of them and spread them .In that case actually our subconscious mind is working and on the basis of cards chosen and in the way they are spread the tarot card reader predicts the situation and gives the reading. So it’s the energy emitted from the subconscious mind that is actually working.

To decipher the meaning of our dreams first we should remember our dreams completely and in a proper way. Some populate advising keeping a dream journal or a handbook. We should write about these dreams when they are fresh in our minds and the images we have seen in our dreams have not slipped into our subconscious mind. Some people also keep a tape recorder to record the things happened in their dreams whenever they remember them during the day.

Tarot cards can only be used to decipher the meaning of dreams if they are broken into parts or sections. These sections are created on the basis of imagery found in the dreams. The other thing that is required is that we should also keep record of the environmental factors like the place where we are standing in the dream, the unexpected or the unusual people we have met in our dreams. All these things are quite important in deciphering the meaning of dreams.

The images that we have jotted down from our dreams are then correlated with the images present on the tarot cards. As the meaning of the images and former characters present on the tarot cards tinned be deciphered so ultimately the meaning of the dreams can also be deciphered and we emanate to know what our dreams are attempt to convey to us.

A simple and meaningful literature of the meaning of things which generally appear in our dreams is also present so that we don’t have to visit tarot card reader again and again and it saves our time. For instance, it is a general notion that when we see our mother in our dreams we are taking a wrong business decision and likewise lot of other general norms have been created.

There is so much power and energy present in our dreams and making use of that can be very much honour. Dreams can guide us what next backpedal we should make if we are stuck up in a problem or if we are confounding in a making any decision. They can guide us through any situation if we really desire them to show us the path or if we really believe they can be helpful for us.

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