Question by BLANK: Can you give me an accurate Latin translation?
Google translate is all but infallible, Thus I seek the aid of the conglomerate of human knowledge that is channeled through this website.
So I humbly request you assist me with an accurate translation as possible, thank you.

Translate the following passage:

“I dictate this message in the tongue of old so that I may restrict the eyes to those of savants alone. My aim is plain, I wish to convey to you the sole purpose of which you arise in the morning. You must always and forever seek knowledge and truth.”

thank you again.

Best answer:

Answer by aida
Do you mean “infallible” or just the opposite? Anyway, here’s your translation:

Hoc nuntium in lingua antiqua dicto ut eum oculis solum doctorum circumscribem. Propositum meum clarum est. Vobis solum consilium quo mane surgitis communicare volo. Vobis semper et sempiternum scientia veritasque petendae sunt.

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