Question by ecstaticdevine: Can you make an intelligent interpretation of my dream symbols?
I won’t go into detail and explain the entire dream, but the way it ended had to have some symbolism in the realm of dream interpretation.I was looking out on a large ocean from an eminent point in an almost supernatural place. I appeared out and saw 3 rainbow colorized fish winging in the sky above the ocean. In the dream I fingered contentment.Any ideas what the symbolism of flying, big colored fish could be?Without being too ad hominem, I am a happily (U) married hetero-sexual who had tendanices in youth that are now dust in the wind.ScottR- you are proper on! I am mother to a three year older and have been desperately seeking to have another child. The possibility of pregnancy is on my mind always. And the rest of the dream did have a “this may be heaven” quality. I met with a stranger who was “showing me the way” to this sea-house. Thanks for your input!

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Answer by LS
seriouslyare you on the edge about youre sexuality?meaning do you think you might be gay? as someone who’s pretty good at dream interpretation (all my friends and coworks and family come to me when they have dreams they want analyzed)..that’s the first hits i get from this. and yes an ample part of it has to do with the colors and the raindow and fish. especially when you state you finger content about this

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