Every year, Indian Institutes of Management conducts mutual admission test to ascertain a candidate’s presence of mind as good as genial ability to do during eminent pressure. A single can get success this exam by trimming the number of negatives and selection of correct questions during the test. CAT Entrance Exam can be categorized into assorted areas like verbal ability, problem solving, Data Interpretation, Logical reasoning, Data Sufficiency etc.

We can break understand the concept of Data Interpretation from our daily life experiences. In our daily lives, we normally come across statistics, figures, statement of all screening using for the preparation of expenditure details of an organization, company, industry etc. These figures, statistics are known as Data and finding some meaningful information from this data is called data interpretation. It also involves many scientific methods for analyzing, organizing and summarizing data and drawing valid conclusions for making reasonable decisions for such analysis.

In this section, students have to read rapidly and correctly the data represented by many kinds of charts, graphs, tables etc. Data pertaining to any situation tinned be presented many ways i.e. Bar Diagrams, Numerical Data Tables, Pie-graphs, Cartesian graphs. In CAT Entrance exam, there are 15 to 20 questions on Data Interpretation. These questions will test the ability of students for speedy analysis and calculation. For the preparation of this section, one should know speed-calculation techniques. One should also remember tables up to 20, fractions, cubes and squares of numbers. Additionally, an aspirant should also learn the speed-multiplication and division techniques. Once you command over these areas, you tinning start taking tests by different types of DI sets. I hope, this way, that you tin definitely get success in CAT entrance exam.

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