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The future of translation is part human, part machine

Imagine a world where everyone can perfectly understand each other. Language is translated as we speak, and awkward moments of trying to be understood are a thing of the past. Yes, you can now buy earpiece technology reminiscent of the Hitchiker’s Guide … For more information, please visit: http://www.stuff.co.za/future-translation-part-human-part-machine/ Inttranews – Daily News Site for…

The Portuguese translation of “Sashay Away” on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ is hilariously brutal

Of course, “shantay you stay” and “sashay away” are two of the most important phrases uttered on each episode. But the latter comes off as really quite hilariously brutal in Portuguese, where it’s roughly translates as: “Bye, go home, no one … For more information, please visit: https://www.queerty.com/portuguese-translation-sashay-away-rupauls-drag-race-hilariously-brutal-20170716 Inttranews – Daily News Site for Linguists

UK Translation Company For Sale

London, UK (BFS): Small but profitable translation company with office for outright sale. Would be good add-on for existing company, either here or a company based abroad wishing to enter the UK market. Client base comprises major multinationals and blue chips, notably headquartered within the EU. Owners retiring. Highly competent existing staff and excellent long…

“How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”

Ontario, Canada (Multi-Languages Corporation): It is our privilege to be able to share our free PDF version of the book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services” by Helen Campbell and Lola Bendana. Hard copies will be available for free (in limited quantities) as of January 2017 for clients, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. …

Trek-inspired enterprise

Lynn as a consultant to vet the science and to view designs, such as of the starship USS Enterprise. He made suggestions for terminology to use and let the TV team know when the writers’ and designers’ vision did not match the science of the day. For more information, please visit: http://scienmag.com/trek-inspired-enterprise/ Inttranews – Daily…