Over hundreds of languages are in vogue in the world today, apart from the vernacular languages. India too is not an exception to this feature. In India, each State has its own language and vernacular languages.

Today with the advent of internet facility, the dependence on internet for business, education, health etc. have been made very easy. Now business transactions, health advice through video conferencing, distance education, online shopping etc. are accessible to people through the internet.

The translation features incorporated in a website enable the readers from various countries to read through the foreign websites. Through this facility, an online business company can transact with foreign consumers very easily. The international business meetings can be held with multilingual participants from different nations and this helps to promote business among the countries. Similarly, marketing international brands becomes an easy job with the help of language translation features where the customer

can enquire with out speaking in foreign language.

The accuracy with which the language translation features deliver the message is very important whether in business, education or selling products. This accuracy depends on the closeness in meaning of the word translated into the required language. Hence it is necessary to very the accuracy of the translation tool first. The word to word translation may not convey the intended meaning of the message to be conveyed, since the tool does not understand the target language culture, but the language translation features, to a certain extent, is able to enhance communication without deviating much from the original text. The internet features give some possible alternatives in the intended language and the user has to choose the one which is proximate to the desired information.

It is a common belief that any one who knows a foreign language can do the translation services. Mere knowledge of a foreign language does not qualify him for professional translation. He should have profound knowledge of at least two languages, a mother tongue language and a foreign language. Another quality of a good translator is that he should have the writing skill. Another important point to look forward in a good translator is that he should be able to translate the text according to the target culture.

Translation is a complex task and hence the translators should have more patience, experience and above all concentration while doing the work. He is required to read and comprehend the information to be translated first and then start doing the work.