Companies bringing in technology and manufacturing setup to India from requires a credible translation partner to carefully translate the technical documents that are crucial.. On the other side few global companies having technology support centre’s or customer support centers receive whole lot of documents to translate from their offices around the globe. Translation varieties include document translation, software strings translation, technical manual translations, technical documentation translation from a foreign language to English, medical translation, legal translation, etc. India of course brings in a tremendous cost saving for clients looking for sourcing translation services.

Most of the organized translation companies worldwide operate on common business model. The resource for the translation activity is spread across different countries.  So a company in India can bring a real difference in the support cost. To support a client from India will cost you atleast 40-50% lesser than in the US and at least 60%less than in the UK. of course with no compromise in quality of work.

Multinational companies, software development companies, technology centre’s, Global support centre’s in Bangalore are increasing used by their global offices for sourcing translation services.

How do these companies make a choice? What makes them decide on a company?

It is important for a company to identity a resource or a vendor who can understand the company by its product and markets not just by their requirement.  It is important for the translation company to have a global presence to understand and provide exact translation solutions for the companies.  Companies today choose by the following

How long the service provider is in this business? Is the service provider a company having a proven project management expertise?  In today’s context many individuals having basic knowledge about the industry have fly-by-night companies. It is important for the company to know if the supplier has a professional set-up Is the service provider certified by any quality audit firms? Are they an ISO 9001 company? Do they have DIN 15038 certification. DIN 15038 certification is the only standards available for linguistic services? The service provider’s clientele in Bangalore? Are they handing similar clients? Going through their credentials in detail There are so many translators forum available like the This serves a platform for the translators to share their experiences working with translation companies with other translators. We might not know the company who might claim to be the best would have been blacklisted for bad payment practices? Get a few company references and speak to them Who are willing to sign a Non disclosure agreement Who can provide a dedicated project management team and required project management tools

10. The supplier can send a process document to demonstrate the difference he can bring to the table?

Above are few methods that can be adopted to choose a quality translation service provider. You can imply your own methods. Start giving small jobs to know the service provider synergy.  See if the company shows interest to service you on a long term.

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Lyric labs, an online translation services company, an ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 Certified company, rated as the 12th largest telephone interpretation services company by commonsense advisory and rated by as one of the top 10 companies in the world for translators to work with. A lyric lab has clientele like the caterpillar, American Power Corporation, Logica, SDL, Oracle, etc in Bangalore.  Lyric labs have a nationalwide network in India and have strong presence in the Middle East and South East Asia. Lyric labs specializing in more than 142 languages worldwide with more than 7000 translators.