Good news for parents in the grass: in Japan have designed a computer can interpret the crying of babies. Sensationalism aside, researchers from the Muroran Institute of Technology in Hokkaido, were able, after long years of study to develop a software that can record and interpret the crying of infants, so as to make it possible for parents of them a correct interpretation of the needs of their child, in order to make it less traumatic for both parties early in the management of the newborn.

If such a device could actually reach the market, many products currently used by new parents in danger of passing out of use as some kind of sensors or recorders to be placed in the nursery. A monitor like the one designed by the Muroran Institute would not only be able to guarantee a constant level of visual security, but has the advantage to reduce the time required to understand the needs of infants from their parents.

The device, under construction, will be designed in such a way as to make it perfectly manageable by parents in all their actions: the small size taken into account in its design allows connection to the neck or waist. In the same way the recorder next to the child will be designed in shape and size is not hindering his movement.

According to reports from the study presented by the Journal of Biometrics “research coordinator Tomomasa Nagashima, had already anticipated that the project team Muroran there would also be a display that can instantly translate tears.


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