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Pretty basic site – but has given me the best advise and is why I still use it. It REMINDS me to compare my results. I have come across some ridiculous errors using a single method to get my “rough” translations. For that alone -THANKS

Two thumbs way up! This site is awesome. I really love the way its set up and it really helps me out on homework and projects for my Portuguese classes. Great Job!

Very Clever and powerful! Thanks!

Great site! The translation helped me with a lot of stuff, so thanks to a great idea! “

Your site hits it on the mark. Simple elegance. Efficient and effective”

Extremely fast-loading, minimal graphics …”

Excellent site. This is an IE shortcut on my desktop! That’s how much I use it! “

“Very Useful to be a able to translate a word, when you are trying to guess a meaning!”