Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council on the 14th executive meeting examined and approved in principle the self-propelled industry and Steel Light industries. The meeting stressed that a development of the automobile to the consumer market. From 2009 January 20 to December 31, the displacement of 1.6 liters and below 5% cut rate of levy passenger vehicle purchase tax. NetEase car expert opinion from all sides the first time, comprehensive interpretation auto industry restructuring and rejuvenation program.

1, New Deal for how retentive?
“Subsidies or just one year”
Background: According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics this week, last year, domestic car sales 9.3805 million, up 10-year low of the event, less than 7%.

Yesterday, many experts believe that the published content from the point of view, planning is only a partial measure. “Is in financial difficulties, the government with taxation in return for a move.” Economic and Technical Information of China Automobile Industry Research Institute Li Jingsheng that in a period of one year’s “rescue”, the subsidy policy may stop.

Automotive Marketing Communications expert Zhang Zhiyong that planned follow-up support measures will be more operational, it is more important. “With Europe and the United States different from China, mainly to save rather than save the enterprise market.” Zhang stated that the plight of China and the United States different from China does not lack purchasing power, lack of consumer power recovery.

2, car plan proposed objectives? “The next three years, car production and sales increase 12% annually”

Background: The plan, from this January 20 to December 31, the displacement of 1.6 liters and below 5% reduced rate of levy passenger vehicle purchase tax. At present, the vehicle purchase tax is 10%.

Five goals 1 Development of the automobile consumer market
From 2009 January 20 to December 31, the displacement of 1.6 liters and below the reduced rate of passenger cars from 10% to 5% of vehicle purchase tax levy. From 2009 March 1 to December 31, the state has arranged five billion yuan, farmers abandoned three vehicles and low-speed vehicle for redemption and the purchase of light trucks 1.3 liters less displacement of the micro-bus, to an one-time financial subsidies. Scrapping of old cars to increase subsidies for renovation funds, and plumb up the abolition of the unreasonable provisions of the purchase of cars.

2 Promote the restructuring of the automotive industry
Large automobile enterprises groups support the merger and reorganization of auto parts to support key enterprises to scale through mergers and acquisitions.

3 Support innovation and technological transformation
The next three years, arrange for 100 billion yuan of special central fund to support technical innovation, technological transformation and development of new energy vehicles and parts.

4 Strategy to implement the new energy vehicles

Electric vehicles and their key components to promote industrialization. The central budget subsidies to support energy conservation and new energy vehicles in the demonstration cities to promote.

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