Article by Charles Edert

Conference interpreting services are normally carried out by a method known as consecutive interpreting. In these interpreting services, the interpreter usually stands next to the speaker. The speaker will pause so that he can give time for the interpreter to translate the dialogue to the viewers. With this method, the speech takes a relatively long time because of the pause for interpretation. However this is the most cost friendly method when most people understand one language for example English and the speaker is the only one who is speaking a foreign language like for example Chinese.

The conference interpreting services can also be carried out as a way of synchronized interpreting. This is the technique that is mostly used especially in the United Nations because it saves a lot of time and aides them a lot in shortening the voting procedures. This technique will require the interpreter to have headphones on in a different room as he is interpreting. This also depends on the kind of a conference and the situation; there are some which have got one to ten interpreters offering the conference interpreting services in various languages concurrently.

In this current day many of the conference interpreting services are using the progress telecommunication system. One of the advance telecommunication that is mostly used in conference interpretation is the microphone discussion system. The original speech will be delivered first from the microphone of the spokesperson to the hub system. Then the vital system will dispense the main speech to the audience which does not need the conference interpreting services. At the same time the main speech is also conveyed to the concurrent interpreters in different rooms with their headphones. Every interpreter will clarify the translated message into the microphone as the speaker is conveying the speech. And so all is taking place in real time. The interpreted speech will then be broadcast back to the central system; this is where it will be conveyed to the earpiece of every audience who is paying attention to it.

When any translation company is chosen to offer the conference interpreting services, the first thing that the manager of the project will do is to choose all the properly experienced interpreters from the linguists’ record. Then the manager will talk about the requirements of every communication equipment with the client. The company will also coordinate with equipment technician to make sure that the quality of the sound is perfect for the interpreter to be able to hear the speech very well. There will also be a meeting before the conference. In this gathering they will provided for with papers which will enable them to do a pre-conference research so that they can perfect their interpreting.

Finally the customer will decide whether he wants consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services. With this we can say that conference interpreting services is still important tools to link language barriers and bring about effectual business communication. The only thing that one needs to do is to choose the right conference interpreting services for your conference to be successful.

Charles Edert works for Rosetta Translation, a Shanghai interpretation agency specialising in Chinese interpretating services and medical interpretation services.

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