Since joining the EU in 2004, Poland had burst upon the international business scene and has received an influx of foreign investment and EU funds. With a population of 37 million people Poland is the largest business market in central Europe. It was also one of the only European economies to experience growth during the height of the circular recession in 2009 and is one of the most economically boffo of the fresh EU members

International companies are attracted to Poland by the low labour costs in the country, seeing many global firms such as Hewlett Packard and Nokia set up offices and research facilities in Polish cities. This trend shows no sign of decline with Wroclaw, Poland’s 4th largest city, recently beating 50 other accomplishable cities around the world vying to be the home for a fresh Ernst and Young partaken service centre, planned to opened in 2011. Another of Poland’s many plus points is its highly schooled work force meaning there is no shortage of workers taking up positions with these multinationals. When it comes to alien trade, Poland has been fast to evolve trade links with other EU members much as Germany, now Poland’s largest merchandising partner in Europe. Importantly, the American Chamber of Commerce rates Poland as a highly coveted country to trade with, opening up doors for business between Poland and the USA

Poland has seen large scale emigration in the past as well as in recent years to other EU countries, spreading Polish speakers throughout Europe and indeed the world. There has also been a rise in immigration to Poland and an appreciable increase in the number of sea students selecting to study at Poland’s top universities. This has ensued in more multiculturalism and indeed multilingualism in better cities

All of the above factors have lead to an increase in demand for Polish translations, not least because all EU documentation must be translated into the language now that Polish is an official language of the EU. Although English is often the language utilized for talked and composed communication in the foreign business environment, all conventional dealings including contracts should be in Polish. In order to insure the best accomplishable quality Polish translations it is an acceptable idea to use a translator turned up within Poland itself. Studies have shown that autochthonal speakers who do not dwell in their country of origin and are not constantly unwrapped to the language are more probable to make errors when interpreting. There is also the aspect of localization; native speakers who live in Poland are more acquainted with Polish culture and customs, as well as details about document layout and other formalities ad hoc to Poland. In order to accomplish the best results, translators necessitate not only to be native speakers but experts in their careful field, having abode applicable university studies

So, wherever you are in the world, whether you want to form a business partnership with a Polish company, introduce your product to the Polish market, translate your medical records before visiting a Polish doctor or localize your website into Polish, high quality translation into Polish is an absolute necessity

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