Translation and Interpretation are two terms which are commonly utilized and very rarely separated. Both these concepts are very characteristic and necessitate an antithetic set of skills and abilities to master. This is despite the fact that both translation and interpretation work on the same concept of meaty conversion of information and knowledge into the target language


Any information that needs to be changed over to a textual form falls into the category of translation. Similarly, information that needs to be changed over into a communicative or buccal form of communication is classed as interpretation


Globalization has taken away the boundaries and has conveyed the world closer. It has successfully pulled off to convey the two ends nearer and as a result business transactions now take place between countries from antithetic parts of the globe. This interaction has thus heightened the necessitate of translation and interpretation which are substantive in almost every traverse social business deal


A business idea can only be boffo if it is properly affirmed in the autochthonal language of that country. Translation chips in at this moment and proves very utilitarian in carrying through the linguistic requirement and getting the better of communication challenges. What is properly affirmed needs to be properly communicated. The role of the interpreter is to assist in evincing the documented information and bridging the gap of language between the two countries


A translator should have expertise over his analytical and composing abilities. This skill when focalized by superior linguistic and redacting skills becomes an enthusiastic facilitator in business communication


Another better difference lies in the fact that translation can be executed alone since it is tied in to the conversion of composed document whereas interpretation is always a group task


Both translation and interpretation are tied in to the art of conversion but one masters the skills of scanning/composing and the other of taking heed and talking

Article composed by Mr. Ram Kesarwani, Director of Translation India Translation agency also render a synchronal interpretation equipments for conferences, meetings and seminars from India

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