Question by talonz_lady02: Do you believe there is a distance in dream interpretation across the cultures?
I”m researching basic dream interpretation across the cultures. The only trouble is that the cultures I’m studying are VERY general. For instance, I have Native American as one, although there are hundreds of nations. And I slap Mexican together, though there are different regions and all that. I’ll figure it out and probably change things once I’ve compiled all my research, but for now if you could just give me your thoughts, I would really REALLY appreciate it.

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Answer by Ria
It was discovered that all cultures shared a collective unconscious, and therefore shared a warehouse of symbols, in common with eachother, for example you can find the role of the witch or doctor in most cultures, and even though it is represented differently, it is the same kind of symbol, with the same meaning for all races and cultures. Do some reading into C.G.Jung’s theories.

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