Question by NineTail: Do you conceive there are problems of interpretation and we require unexampled approach in interpreting the statutes?
Do you think there are problems of interpretation and we need new approach in interpreting the statutes?need help with this question…i know there are problems…but dunno how to put it in words.

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Answer by Rose colored glasses fix it all
I totally agree!Adoptees having been fighting for their records for years. Adoptees are faced with discrimination due to the sealing of our adoption records and birth certificates. not one single parental surrendering rights paper has ever been found that promises confidentiality, yet our largest opponents claim this is the reason for the records sealing. You would think that “implied secrecy” wouldn’t stand a chance in court for petitioning for my records, however the state of california still refuses to give them to me. Even though, there has NEVER been a confidentiality promise written into law, or surrender paper. They don’t exist. The problem here lies in the interpretation or mis-interpretation of the law. I have a right to my birth certificate as an adopted citizen, there is no misinformation there. History clearly shows that records weren’t sealed to keep the surrendering parents and adoptees from having access to one anothers information, it was to protect adoptees from the stigma of being born illegitimate children in a different time when stigmas changed your life. Its time for the laws to reflect adoptees as equal citizens and these ancient laws need reformation.

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