Question by Keesha R: Does anyone know a good poem for oral interpretation?
For my public speaking class we have an oral interpretation speech coming up. For this we have to read a poem, short story, or any written text that is 2-3 minutes long. However, I cannot think of any interesting ideas.. no Shakespeare or Shel Silverstein please! Thanks for your help!

Best answer:

Answer by R_P
Take my poem…..

Every tear leaves a scar
Nothing’s fair when love’s at war
Ailing memories throng the day
That beautiful page ceases to stay
How callously she scripts my grief
The soiled green of a fallen leaf
My sinless breath warms her name
Love aint’t just blind,it’s also lame
The mourning throes raze my song
Those subtle scores just grow along
Her crashing echoes choke my spate
And i cede my soul to the might of fate

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