As India is a talent hub for multiple cultures, organizations from most of the countries rely on India for their work. It is a matter of coincidence that India values diplomatic relations with other countries immensely and holds them in high esteem. Considering this very aspect, Indian government has laid its emphasis on many linguistic institutes which offer premier knowledge on translation regarding many prominent languages of the world such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic. Hence, there are tremendous growth prospects for translators in India. In addition, if the translator is dexterous with multiple foreign languages, then the growth potential is massive.

As India is a developing nation, it values translation as a channel to project itself in the international arena on par with its contemporaries. In the process, there are many challenges to be faced to remain as a competitive force in providing quality translation work. This has resulted in orientation sessions on a regular basis for potential translators. On the other hand, many linguistic universities are being set up to achieve the goals set by the government to remain a global power and offer genuine services as and when required. Most of the developed countries overlook either the importance of translation or the quality produced. This is primarily because of the norms followed by the respective government. In contrast, India considers translation with a unique approach, which resulted in the production of capable translators who can handle multiple languages with ease and to perfection.

The achievements of India to be able to handle multiple languages adeptly have not been overnight. The struggle behind must never be underestimated. The zeal to excel while translating and by still retaining nativity is not means a task. Luckily, India is blessed with such talent as there are scores are individuals who have mastered the art of translation and have carved a niche for themselves in the world of translation. The future holds bright for India due to the effects of globalization. There is no surprise in admitting that translation is a key in the scripting of success story of a business. With many multinational organizations grooming themselves with able professionals, the demand for experienced translators will never diminish. Even when the past record is considered regarding the amount of translation work carried out and the quality maintained, India bracketed in the top slot.