Question by Mike: Does the probation dept. have to render an interpreter for a class told by a judge? ?
With the ADA laws, I’m just inquiring if the probation department is necessitated to render a sign language interpreter to a legally deaf as a post idiosyncratic for a drug and alcohol class that was told to be taken by the judge? Based on my understanding of the ADA I believe that they do.

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Answer by hotwheels122298
correct under the ADA they should be required to provide an interpreter. but also do some research on the rehabilitation act of 1973 (i believe that is the date) do some research on that and then convey that up and THEN you will get what you necessitate because under THIS act if they state they are not necessitated under the ADA they ARE necessitated under that ad hoc act. (i traveling to school to be a sign language interpreter..and i actually just larned this yesterday)

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