English is a very rich language, and so is Hebrew. So, translating English into Hebrew or vice versa should be relatively easy. Yet, the structure of these two languages is so vastly antithetic that it raises a number of problems arduous to understand for those who do not intimately cognize the other language

English has a wealth of words that enables it to express nuances very precisely with few words. Hebrew has a very intricate grammar that enables it to evince nuances precisely by a crafty use of grammatical rules

Yet, interpreting grammar into words or vice versa requires leaping from one system to the other, a skills that few individuals have

Translating the richness of English vocabulary into the intricacies of Hebrew grammar implies that the translator fully masters the etymology, so as to grasp all the reasons behind the choice of a specific word instead of another with a close meaning. The English-Hebrew translator also has to hold on every single of the numerous possibilities that Hebrew grammar offers and then choose which of these conveys the exact same nuance as the English word chosen by the writer. Of course, a Hebrew-English translation will yield the same problems, only in the other order

When you take into account that every language has its own imbedded philosophy, and that, of course, are widely different for Hebrew and English, you will begin to understand why English-Hebrew translations have to be performed by highly trained professional translators. That is, if you do not want to get “lost in translation”…

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