They mean: “Don’t worry, because the bad thing that you saw in your dream happened only there, in the dream; it didn’t happen in reality”.

Or, they mean: “It was only your imagination, a reflection of your fears”, since many people believe that their dreams are mere scenes produced by their own imagination, like the fantasies they create when they are awake.

Many people think that they see in their dreams what is worrying them, because they were thinking about their problems all day, as if they could influence their dreams.

Some people do interfere in the dream messages, trying to control them.

However, the truth is that the dreams we see when we are deeply asleep are produced by the unconscious mind, in order to protect the human side of our conscience from the attacks of the anti-conscience, the wild and violent side of our conscience that tries to destroy our human side through craziness.

The unconscious mind gives us information and guidance about many things, but everything is generously given to us in the dream messages exactly because we need protection from the anti-conscience.

Too much craziness is accumulated in the wild side of our brain and psyche. This is why schizophrenia, psychosis and other mental illnesses are observed in our population.

All the absurdity already exists inside us, but has the chance to come to the surface only when our human side is destroyed.

However, since our wild side keeps trying to destroy it, the anti-conscience manages to invade the human side of our conscience many times, even before destroying our humanity completely.

So, our dreams keep giving us directions in order to protect us, until we develop the human side of our conscience to the utmost, transforming the wild side into human.

This is the main reason why our dreams are produced.

They are incomprehensible to our conscience because the anti-conscience would be able to learn their meaning too and we would not be protected by the unconscious mind. So, we have to learn how to translate the symbolism contained in the dream messages in order to decipher the unconscious’ directions, which will help us eliminate the wild side instead of being constantly dominated by it.

Therefore, if you see something bad happening to you in your dream, you must be careful, because it means that something bad will really happen to you in your daily reality. You have to learn the symbolic dream language and translate it, in order to understand the warning you receive.

Your dreams are not produced by your imagination. They are mostly warnings, especially if you are at the beginning of dream analysis or if you never care about your dreams’ meaning, because you live in the constant danger of losing your mental health.

They give you lessons and show you the right way, the way of goodness and wisdom, which you must take if you want to win.

Your victory in life will be real and will last as long as you live, while the ephemeral victories of the hypocrites cannot last too long, exactly because they don’t respect the laws of nature and they don’t respect other human beings.

Never despise a dream!

Dreams are as important as facts, because they are warnings and predictions. So, they are the real facts, the facts that will happen in the future without a doubt.

i am a dream interpreter and can explain your dreams and their meanings

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