The earlier knowledge about dreams are thick and really impressive especially if tackle this topic with much intent. Suffice to state that Sigmund Freud’s theories had assisted people understand what they see in their modest sleep. What images and things they encounter, seeing antithetic character or scene in each person’s dream. No one really knows and understands what dreams are and why people dreams. It’s all about theories. Since Aristotle, the all-knowing and the philosophers are continuously inquisitive about the existence of dreams and other dream meaning. While fresh theories are coming up and more are much swearing for the fact that dreams are for future. They are construed in a way that it voiced like a pre cognitive process. While others sees dream as something that we see from our past, that when the mind is kipping, it is reduce off from outside stimuli on which the brain will later then starts to review its past memories. It connects on the emotions, experiences and thoughts that only in brain can be seen. Sigmund Freud utilized the sub awake mind and classed it into three different section stating that these are the inside desires basically finishing a process of a dream. The Id – The ‘id’ contains the most of import and noncivilised desires, such as unrestrained intersexual desire and the pursuit of pleasure. The Ego – The ego is the self-aware section of the mind. It is the section which is alive of the perceptions and senses of the world and works them into understanding to aid the functions of the idiosyncratic. The Superego – The superego acts as a censor of the id. This is the section which will suppress desires and forestall a person who executing the actions that may be interpreted (in a contemporary society) as debauched. It is the part which will turn desires of the id into the representative figures inside dreams. And yet it is a different thing for Psychics, they believe that Dreams are manifestations of future, and meanings. They are of sure character that makes a person recognise his or her latent. Dreams are often analyse and cognize its meaning. Some people believe they are seeing dreams because they see who are they going and use it as steer as they do dream interpretations

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