Question by Shamrock Surprise: Dream interpretation as a social science?
I find it very odd that Yahoo! Answers places dream interpretation in the category of the social sciences. I have seen the questions in this subcategory, and they all seem to be incredibly unscientific, and most often antiscientific.

Fellow anthropologists, is it right for this to be so categorized? Do you consider something so subjective, open-ended, and decentralized to be worthy of being called a social science?

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Answer by Kenny W
I agree that dream interpretation should not be classified as a science, but remember that historically, it used to be, along with the flights of birds,(augury), astrology, and the examination of chicken guts,(haruspicy), and many other odd things were the common science of the day.
This does not change the fact that many off-subject questions get posted to incorrect groups, and I agree that dream interpretation should be in some kind of “other” category.

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