This is one of a series of articles that might help you understand the meaning behind dreams which prey on your conscious mind.

The Ancient Greeks saw dreams as either prophetic or warning in nature. In dreams, imagery tends to be symbolic, representing incidents, present problems and events that are yet to be. Scenes, people and objects may not necessarily represent themselves. It is important to remember that some symbols might mean one thing to one person and another to someone else therefore when interpreting dreams, if the interpretations I suggest of the symbols don’t ring true for you, spend time meditating on the symbol to work out what your dreams might mean.

Dreams of Anger

There are many intense feelings, but we’ll start with anger. To dream of anger suggests that something difficult and demanding is before you. You may feel disappointed in someone you love and there is a possibility that broken relationships or a rival may make demands or attacks upon your belongings or yourself.

If you are angry with someone you know, then there is the possibility that you will benefit in some way, through this person. If your anger, however, is directed towards a stranger, then it could be that some unexpected good news is winging its way in your direction. To be angry with young people is suggestion of an invitation from someone of some prominence.

To dream that a friend or relative is angry with you but you don’t share their feelings, suggests that you will be able to arbitrate between contentious friends and they will be grateful for your intervention. Dreams involving furious people suggest a reconciliation. And if it is a furious animal who appears, this signifies that a friend will defend your name.

Dreams of Anxiety

Dreaming of being anxious, is not the bad sign it might seem to be. This could actually be a fortunate omen, when worries about a difficult situation of the past may be dissolved. If you are concerned about someone else, including your children, this suggests good health. But if your concern involves your partner, then you might expect difficulties ahead.

Dreams of feeling shy, or bashful denotes having a good time in a party setting. Bashful friends featuring in a dream could, however be warning you of troubles to come.

Confusion, Jealousy and Revenge in Dreams

To feel confused in a dream gives indication of possible loneliness or difficulties to be overcome.

Next are two rather negative and sometimes destructive emotions: jealousy and revenge. To take the former, and to dream that you are jealous of another person gives indication of difficulties which will be of your own making. If however, you dream that someone else is envious of you, then their attempts to crush you will actually be to your benefit.

For a husband to dream of being jealous of his wife, he may be under the influence of enemies or narrow-minded people. While for a wife to feel jealous of her partner, there are a number of startling episodes ahead of her.

Dreams of revenge denote a weak and insensitive nature. This, if you aren’t careful, will bring you troubles and will lose you friends. To dream of the revenge of others suggests that you must be on your guard against dangerous enemies. In general, dreams of revenge are signs of anxious times ahead.

Sadness in Dreams

To feel sadness in a dream may actually be a good sign of lasting joy. And yet, for a young girl to be melancholy, disappointment from a broken relationship could be the general indication. Dreaming of seeing others melancholy suggests possible and unwanted interference in your personal affairs.

On a more positive note, happiness and joy could be rather contrary in their interpretations. For example, if you dream of fun, pleasure and merrymaking, it could be that the more raucous the dream, the worse the difficulties will be ahead of you.

And yet, to feel joy in a dream signifies harmony between friends.

Written by Carole Somerville
Professional Writer and Astrologer