This is one of a series of articles that might help you understand the meaning behind dreams which prey on your conscious mind.

The Ancient Greeks saw dreams as either prophetic or warning in nature. In dreams, imagery tends to be symbolic, representing incidents, present problems and events that are yet to be. Scenes, people and objects may not necessarily represent themselves. It is important to remember that some symbols might mean one thing to one person and another to someone else therefore when interpreting dreams, if the interpretations I suggest of the symbols don’t ring true for you, spend time meditating on the symbol to work out what your dreams might mean.

Dreams about Eating and Drinking

Dreams often include everyday events, and eating and drinking is one of these. The kind of meal you are enjoying, or the food you are eating, might all suggest different things to you.

For example, if it is breakfast-time which features in your dreams, this could be a favourable sign, especially if you are a person who likes to use your mind and mental abilities. To see a breakfast of eggs and milk, followed by a bowl of fruit, suggests unexpected changes, but these will be favourable. Are you eating alone? If so, someone is trying to deceive you. It is a good sign, however, if others are sitting at the breakfast table with you.

Meal times in Dreams

Breakfasting at home, with the family, might also suggest a long-distance journey very soon.

To dream of eating your dinner alone, suggests that you may have to give some serious thoughts to your current responsibilities. But to be one of a number of guests at a dinner, gives indication that you are about to enjoy some pleasant and harmonious relationships.

Food in Dreams

What kind of food appears to you in your dreams? To see, or eat biscuits, suggests the possibility of a coming journey. But if you are offering someone a biscuit, are you paying too much attention to pleasure and not enough to your responsibilities?

Batter, or pancakes tell you that your heart is in the right place. It is a positive sign to dream of cakes and this usually suggests success through personal enterprise, and happiness in love.

A lucky turn of events is denoted if you see yourself baking a cake, while if you are buying a one, you might expect good relationships with a friend.

Chocolate as a Dream Symbol

If you receive a gift in a box of chocolates, this suggests, especially to young people, that you will be the subject of some ego-boosting attention! To send a box of chocolates in your dream denotes that you are about to make a proposition to someone.

I have to say that deception is around you, if you see cheese in your nighttime visions. Worry is a possibility if you are eating cheese.

Dreams of Fruit and Vegetables

It is generally a good sign of you dream of potatoes. To plant potatoes suggests that a cherished wish will be realised. To dig up potatoes suggests success is ahead, while if you are eating them, you might expect to enjoy the fruits of some profitable ventures. Incidentally, if you see yourself boiling potatoes, then be on the lookout for an unwelcome guest!

Some unexpected good fortune is a possibility if you see onions in your dream, but there may also be some disappointment in relation to this. Quarrels with a workmate is a possibility if you are eating onions, whilst to cook onions suggests that you are about to be visited by a friend.

The meaning of fruit in your sleeping visions, depends really on the kind of fruit you see. Apples are, in general, a good sign. Red apples on trees indicating good fortune to the dreamer. If however, the apples are on the ground, you must be on your guard against false friends.

A child’s health may give cause for concern if you see peaches in your dream. Or this could mean disappointment in business. Good health, however, is indicative when oranges appear. If a young woman dreams of seeing an orange high up in a tree, this suggests that she will be careful in her choice of a husband.

Written by Carole Somerville
Professional Writer and Astrologer