We can never get enough of dreams. Every time that R.E.M. kicks in when we sleep, our mind wanders off into the most unlikely places. The spot we are standing on may not always be that clearly outlined, just as its meaning, but for sure they are telling something. Curious why you are dreaming of the same place over and over again? Read on.

Phone Booth
Phone booths are enclosed places designed to give privacy, but not a total one. Others can’t hear you and the conversation you are having, yet they can see you through the glass wall. When you dream of making a call in a phonebooth, it implies you want some privacy in your life, but the kind which lets you see others, while shutting them from you. Where is the phonebooth located? A desert, or a carnival, or a gas station? Is the phone working or is it just eating your coins? Finally, who are you talking to? If it is a particularly enjoyable chat, then you have your answer.

School Principal’s Office
We’ve all been to the principal’s office at one point in our school years. We could be there for a praise, but usually we find ourselves there for a scolding. School principals are one the first persons of authority we encounter in our lives, next to our parents and teachers. So dreaming of being at the principal’s office is a manifestation of our fears and insecurities, our fear of getting caught, and our insecurities about our performance. Are your parents with you in the room? Are your parents on your side, or on the principal’s? The presence of many conflicting figures of authority means you need to deal with issues of control and superiority in real life.

The wilderness is both peaceful and dangerous. The very absence of civilisation is what makes it free, unpolluted, and free from the insidious influences of culture, but at the same time, this unculturedness is what makes it frightening. Things unknown and unnamed lurk in the wilderness. In your dream, are you there enjoying the sights and sounds, or do you feel lost and hunted?

Birthday Party
Birthday parties are supposedly fun events, but they are also good venues for catastrophes to happen. A cake falling on the floor, wine spilled on shirt, someone tripping during one of the parlour games. Ask yourself whether it is a children’s party you are in, or a party for grown-ups? For most of us, birthday parties are occasions where we put on our best clothes, and hope we do well as a guest or host, and worry about how we look to others.

To dream of airports mean major changes coming to one’s life; a transition, for getting on a plane is a big shift from one place to another. You are not just crossing seas and borders, you could also be crossing your principles, fears, etc.

Whether you are a natural lover of books or not, dreams of being in a bookstore comes to almost anyone. You are there looking for something– to read something useful, or entertaining, or something you only intend to put on display later–or perhaps you’re looking for a friend, or someone you could be friends with based on their choice of book. Dreaming of shopping in a bookstore implies being faced with choices that look inviting, but which you can only use one at a time.

We all have interesting first-time moments in the zoo, whether we were there during our childhood or as an adult. Zoos are supposedly enjoyable places to visit, but you should also look into the fact of animals being fenced in and birds with caged flights, not knowing freedom but rendered as mere spectacles for others. For all we know, in our dream we are the ones behind bars.


Dream Interpretation of Places in Your Sleep Part 3

Dream Interpretation of Places in Your Sleep Part 1

Written by neolimarcos

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