Most of us dream during our sleep, but seldom do we act the time to detect what these dreams are stating us about our lives. In this article you will observe what the subconscious messages in your dreams are stating you about your life and what you should do about them.

#5 – Hair Falling Out

Dream: This is a reasonably mutual dream that is ofttimes recollected upon waking owed to its lurid/credible nature. They lean to affect noticing that a spectacular forcible feature is missing or is beginning to fall away such as hair or teeth.

Meaning: You may be afraid of being viewed as unattractive or unwanted. It can also mean that you are embarrassed about a short-term event occurring in your life, where you are concerned about being made to look like a fool.

Suggestion: Take stock of the way others view you, if you are self-conscious astir a certain part of your physique, consider trying to change it. You may be subconsciously anxious which would hold you back from living life to the full.

#4 – I Can’t Find The Toilet!

Dream: Sound Familiar? This feels like endless hours searching for the toilets, only to find that they are either all engaged or out of order…

Meaning: There is the possibility that you actually need the toilet whilst sleeping but are unable to awake yourself from your dream! Outside of that possibility, this dream can indicate that you are unhappy with the level of privacy you have in your life.

Suggestion: Wake up and go to the bathroom! But seriously, consider the amount of privacy and ‘alone time’ you have in your everyday life as this could be the source of your frustration.

#3 – Illness

Dream: Often occurring at a time when either you or a loved one is ill, this dream can provide you with insights as to how you really feel about a person – whether it be yourself or someone close to you.

Meaning: If you are the one that is ill in the dream, it can mean that you are either physically or emotionally hurting and that you are concerned as to how long it could last/what the long term effects are. If it is a loved one, it can mean that you either wish they would no longer be a part of your life or that you fear losing them. Mystics would also argue that we are capable of predicting future illnesses of loved ones and that we should prepare accordingly!  

Suggestion: Not a lot to suggest with this one, other than keep an eye on your health in case you have unknown powers of premonition!  

#2 – Being Followed or Chased

Dream: Often one of the most traumatic dreams, this one can unfortunately seem to last forever! It can also be one of the hardest to interpret as there are a number of plausible explanations. The object following you will often take the form of an animal, but can also be a ‘monster’ or a human.

Meaning: Something is making you feel threatened. Consider what it is in your real life that makes you feel like you did in your dream. It can be anything from a family member, a work colleague or even an emotion that is making you feel this way. It might be a feeling you are trying to avoid, a conflict you don’t want to face up to or an unpleasant memory you are trying to forget.

Suggestion: First of all, find out what it is that is making you feel this way.Then, you need to find a way of avoiding this person/emotion as it is clearly going to be holding you back.  

#1 – Falling

Dream: Reportedly the most common dream. Don’t worry – you won’t die if you hit the floor! During this dream we will often be falling for an extended period of time, frightened and feeling helpless as we head towards the unknown.

Meaning: This can mean you are lacking confidence, beginning to lose control or feeling like you aren’t being given enough support at a key time in your life. Maybe feeling overwhelmed or dejected, this dream typically means that you have a long-term issue requiring attention.

Suggestion: Face whatever problem you have that is beginning to get the better of you. It is highly recommended that you also share this problem with someone who you can turn to and trust.

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